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Our Vanitas Espai team of stylists, makeup artists and aestheticians offer special services and attention to brides. We have a wide range of hairdressing and aesthetic services to guarantee you to bring out all your beauty in this special moment.
Allow us to spoil you making you beautiful and helping you feel completely unique.

Recommendations for Brides from Vanitas Espai´s Professionals:

What do you recommend that I do to be radiant on my wedding day?

We understand that a basic pack for brides should include at least the following services:

·  Hair and makeup trial
It is usually done on the same day that you have a trial of the wedding dress. If you wear a headdress or veil you should bring it on this day. You can see your complete look for this day and feel safe and calm until your wedding day.

·  Cut
A good haircut is essential for styling, especially if you want to a wavy blow dry or semi-updo

·  Shellac Manicure and Shellac Pedicure
It is done 1 or 2 days before to show off the perfect hands and feet. Ideally, the polish should be Shellac (Semi permanent polish) as this assures that the polish is perfect for your wedding day and lasts up to 3 weeks. With Shellac, on your honeymoon you will also have your manicure and pedicure on point.

· Eyebrow Design
It is done on the day of the makeup trial and you make the maintainance until the wedding day. For eyebrows with the desired shape and a better makeup result, we recommend the threading eyebrow design, an innovative technique already available at Vanitas Espai

· Facial Cleasing
It is done 15-10 days before the wedding to avoid that the unsightly blackheads or other impurities of the skin are present on your wedding day.

· Body peeling + Hydration + Massage
It is done 15-10 days before the wedding. Remember that you will be the center of attention and people notice everything, so having hydrated and smooth skin is essential.
These services are what we consider “basic”. Of course, you can add more services according to your needs and preferences. As main “optional services” we offer:

· Eyelash Extensions
It is done 1 to 5 days before the wedding. The result is more voluminous makeup lashes of the length of your choice. The look and eye makeup are enhanced with eyelash extensions. And the best part, if you cry on your wedding day, since you don’t need mascara, your makeup doesn’t run or smudge. Do you want to know more about eyelash extensions? Click here.

· Color or highlights
If you are not quite happy with you hair color, the ideal is that you decide as soon as possible to correct it. It is a technical job that may require more than one session to get the tone you want, so take it easy and make sure your hair is exactly what you want.

· Anti-frizz Organic Treatment
If you have frizzy, dull or dry hair, this may be the ideal treatment to recover it quickly and effectively.

· Balmain Human Hair Extension
Want a specific hairstyle that would look great on you, but you don’t have enough hair? Don’t worry, with Balmain natural hair extensions we can achieve the volume and quantity necessary for you to wear the hairstyle of your dreams. And even more, if you don’t want hair extensions, we can find you a natural hair piece that you can remove and put on only for your wedding day.

I would like to do hair treatments, facials and / or body treatments before my wedding day, when should I start?

Ideally, go to the salon at least 2 months before. If you have less time, you can still do the treatments, but in this case the frequency required to see the same results would be more intense. To achieve excellent results in hair, facial and / or body treatments, we recommend special bonuses for brides. You can request a prior appointment without obligation so that our professionals make a diagnosis and recommend which is the most appropriate treatment for you.

Can you send me a quote by e-mail or by phone?

The budgets for hairdressing and aesthetics for brides are only made in person and by previous appointment. Come see us without obligation. It is essential for us, and we explain why:

We do not take into account only the hairstyle: depending on the type of hair, to get the desired result and for the hairstyle to last on the wedding day, a whole preparation is required that varies according to the type, quantity and quality of the hair.
Also, if you decide to combine hairdressing and beauty services, we prepare personalized packs that will be more advantageous to you.

The budget also varies if we have to travel on the wedding day.
For your comfort, whether we travel or if you come to Vanitas Espai on the wedding day, we offer you the possibility of making blow dry and makeup to the mother of the bride, the mother-in-law, the sisters, friends, the groom, and all those distinguished guests who wish to look radiant on such a special day.
We need less than half an hour of your time to make the diagnosis and budget for what you need on the most important day of your life. Make an appointment now.

I will wear a Veil, 1920s Ribbon, Headdress or any other accessory in my hair and I don’t know how to put it on. What I do?

Well, don’t worry, the Vanitas Espai´s stylists will be with you on your wedding day until the last minute and they will take care of putting on the accessory you wear. They will also teach you the best way to remove it without ruining your hairstyle.

I’m not sure what hairstyle I want for my wedding day, I need to do several trials, is it possible?

Of course. On the day of the hairstyle and makeup test we can do more than one type of hairstyle within 3 hours approximately. The most important thing is that you feel safe and happy with your look for this special day.

I want an airbrushed bridal makeup, do you? Is it true that the makeup result is better with an airbrush?

Yes, we do airbrush bridal makeup. Using the airbrush really has only advantages: the texture, the duration and the uniformity of the makeup. If you have questions about makeup, don’t worry, on the day of the makeup test we take all the time necessary to answer all your questions and do the makeup of your dreams, with or without an airbrush.

See for yourself how airbrush makeup is done in this video. The model: the prestigious blogger Mariona Planas from Elle’s blog: Style Diary: