Hair extensions


At Vanitas Espai we work with Balmain Hair natural hair extensions, the best on the market. Balmain Hair, apart from being high quality extensions, it offers a wide variety of tones and styles so that anyone can find a hair to feel comfortable with.
Contrary to commonly popular belief, hair extensions do not damage hair and they are a great way to achieve volume and the desired length. Your real hair does not break, as the extensions weight is extremely light, they are also invisible because the connecting point with the hair is very small.
Decide for precious and eye-catching hair at any moment.
Our stylists at Vanitas Espai will advise you on the best natural hair extensions based on your morphology and style.

Find out some possibilities to show your new extra large hair!

The salon’s services and prices are personalized and can only be done in person. You only need 15 minutes of your time for a Vanitas Espai stylist to advise you with a previous appointment, feel free to contact us. Book your appointment here.

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