Eyelash extensions


Want to find out the secret behind those captivating and hypnotic looks from film actresses? Have you ever asked yourself how they can have such long curled lashes? Our pioneer and exclusive eyelash extension hair by hair service is the answer. Hair by hair, they are applied over your natural eyelash, producing an eye with makeup effect 24 hours of the day

Check out the authentic Vanitas Espai eyelash extensions hair by hair in the following video:

You can choose from 8 different eyelash sizes, with 3 different types of curvature and thickness; or you can let our specialists choose the best ones according to your features.
We do not recommend doing this kind of treatment with people who are not specialists, as an eyelash misapplication can be uncomfortable. At Vanitas Espai we have recognized experts and we guarantee results.

The effect of the treatment lasts up to a year and a half, which is the natural eyelash life cycle, from then on, we recommend a lash fill treatment

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Tiempo90 minutos


Three or four weeks after the eyelash extensions treatment, it’s natural for them to start to fall, as their natural life cycle ends. If you want to maintain the same film actress look it is not necessary to do the treatment again, we can do a fill-in to compensate the eyelashes that have started to fall out, to get an eye-catching result at an affordable price.

1 – 9 calendar days – 15,90€

10-16 calendar days – 30,90€

17-23 calendar days – 45,90€

24-30 calendar days – 60,90€

31-37 calendar days – 75,90€

38-44 calendar days – 90,90€

Tiempo60 minutes

From day 45 on, it’s time to have a new eyelash extensions treatment service. It is not necessary to remember when was the last time you attended the salon. At Vanitas Espai we keep a register of your visits so we can help you know how many days have passed to give you a service more appropriate to your needs.

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If you need to remove eyelash extensions, normally it’s because they have not been placed well and they bother you, on the contrary they would fall out naturally. If you have not done the treatment at Vanitas Espai, our specialists can remove these uncomfortable extensions and, in case you want to, apply a new treatment to leave your eyelashes long again, but with no discomfort

Tiempo30 minutes