Eyebrow extensions hair by hair

Eyebrow extensions hair by hair

They say the face is the mirror of the soul, but overall it’s the first thing people notice, including yourself, each morning when you look at the mirror. Each detail on your face has to be carefully looked after: eyelids, cheeks, lips, eyelashes… and certainly your eyebrows, something we completely forget about but that can change our appearance if uncared.

Eyebrows with an adequate colour and thickness, emphasize the look, bring out the features on our face giving us beauty, but some women lack this because of wax in excess in this area, either due to chemical or medical treatment causing hair loss or simply due to birth defects.

If you follow our blog, you know that at Vanitas Espai we always keep up with the latest beauty trends: We offer an innovative eyebrow extension hair by hair: a service that will fix lack of expression and will help you feel more beautiful and radiant.

Eyebrow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions hair by hair, as you probably know, it is one of our specialities.


It’s similar to eyelash extensions:

· Each eyebrow has a specific type of hair and thickness. First, we analyse the colour and type of hair of your natural eyebrow to decide on the type and hair colour most adequate for you.
· We decide on the shape and eyebrows that you wish. Our aestheticians will advise you on thickness and shape that will best enhance your face expression.
· Once chosen, small individual mink hairs are applied on the chosen spots together with your real eyebrow hairs. The hair is very similar to your natural eyebrow hair. The application process is really very simple:
· First, we clean the area: This step is very important as it helps to remove oils from the face so that the glue used attaches better to the skin and the result lasts longer.
· Also, the excess hair is removed from the natural eyebrow so that using the glue is easier where the mink hair will be attached. Mink hair is attached directly to the brows or hair and not to the skin, so there is no harm or irritation to the skin.
· Finally, if necessary, the implants are trimmed to give the brows a perfect harmony and assure the desired result.


· In case you have short brows or you don’t feel comfortable with the shape and style.
· In case of hair loss on your brows
· In case of sparse brows or light hair brows that you can hardly see
· In case you simply don’t like your brows appearance


· Extensions allow us to fill in sparse brows as well as define the brows.
· Hair by hair extensions last approximately 2 to 3 weeks, varying on the quantity of hair implanted and the person’s genetics.
· Eyebrow extensions require the same maintenance as eyelash extensions.

Don’t wait any longer and try this innovative service, pioneer in Barcelona.

Tiempo30 MINUTES
PrecioFROM 49€

Prices may be different depending on the eyebrows of each person. For this reason, it is recommended to request a quote in person.

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